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Weston-s-Mare Croquet Club, Purn Way,

Bleadon, Weston-s-Mare, BS24 0QE

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Competitions 2021

Daphne Holland Shield (GC)

Ladies Day (GC)

Association 14 Point (AC)

     Ladies Winner ?                        Gents Winner ?

             TBD                                            TBD

Tim Kelly Shield (AC)

Gents Day (GC) 

Winner Garry runner up Graham 10-Jun-21

Winner Rene 29-Aug-21

Winners Jan and John S 27-Aug-21

President's v Chairman's Select (GC)


22-Aug-21 Winner's 

Chairman 14 - 6

Ladies v Gents (AC)


10-Sep-21 Winner's ?


Reds v Blues v Whites (GC)


25-May-21 Winner's


Ladies v Gents (GC)


14-Sep-21 Winner's

Gents 23 - 13

Winner Terry 20-Aug-21

Camera black large Camera black large

Short Croquet (AC)

Winner  Jeanette 19-Jun-21

Runner-up Bob

Camera black large 2021 Daphne Holland

Internal H/C League


21-Aug-21 Winner's


Internal HH/C League


15-Sep-21 Winner's

Anne & Rene

2021 Gents Day Terry 2021 Tim Kelly 2021 Ladies Day