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Weston-s-Mare Croquet Club, Purn Way,

Bleadon, Weston-s-Mare, BS24 0QE

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Competitions 2019

Daphne Holland Shield (GC)

Ladies Day (GC)

Association 14 Point (AC)

Ladies Winner Judith                  Gents Winner John S

        14 Aug 19                                      9 Jun 19

Tim Kelly Shield (AC)

Ladder Matches

Golf Pairs



Steve and Maureen

Golf Singles


Winner Jane



Winner John S

Winner Gordon runner up Pat 30 Jul 19

Plate winner Bill and runner up Judith

Winner Sue 23 Jun 19

Winners Brian and Jeanette 9 Aug 19


President's v Chairman's Select (GC)


28-Aug-19 Winner's 

President's 14-6

Captains Challenge (GC)


24-Aug-19 Winner's

Roger's 11-10-9

Ladies v Gents (AC)


30-Aug-19 Winner's

Gent's 4-3

Reds v Blues v Whites (GC)


21-May-19 Winner's


Ladies v Gents (GC)


11-Sep-18 Winner's

Gent's 16.5-13.5

2019 Mens 14 point 2019 Ladies Day 2019 Daphne winners 2019 Tim Kelly

High Handicap Challenge (GC)


01-Sep-19 Winner's 

Lance's 10.5-9.5

2019 Ladies 14 point

Gents Day (GC)


04-Sep-19 Winner


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